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This blog is primarily about knitting,but as I do a bit of home sewing and the occasional crochet,I will be posting about these projects, as well. I am busygirl on Knitter's Review and my Ravelry username is purlyknitter.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A busy week

On Monday morning one of the consultants from the temp agency called and offered me some work and it really made my day! I finished my last assignment on 18 October, so had been at home for a while, but was hoping to have some more work before Christmas and now I have, which is great! I started on Wednesday and will be working up till Friday 20 December ; I'll have a break over the Christmas/ New Year period and will then  return to work on 6 January for another two weeks. I am working as a Receptionist / Administrator in the physiotherapy department at a large local hospital. It's a very busy place, being an outpatients' clinic with patients arriving all through the day for appointments, but I really enjoy the work.
I have been temping in the healthcare sector for several years and have been based in various locations, but this is the first time in about six years that I am working in this particular hospital and it's good to be back, as the staff are really friendly and helpful, which makes it a very pleasant working environment.
I have been very tired for the past few evenings and last night was the first time that I managed to do any knitting. I am working on a Christmas pudding tea cosy and hope to finish it over the weekend. I am also planning to knit a few little Christmas ornaments, but as life is a bit hectic at the moment, I'm not going to be too stressed if I don't manage to get them done - there's always next year!


  1. Good news about your temp job! I look forward to seeing the cozy.

  2. Great to have work just before xmas isnt it. I too have work until the end of December as well but yours sounds much nicer than mine. I hope you get more work after January too.