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Friday, December 20, 2013

Too tired to knit!

I never thought I would be too tired to knit, but right now I am! Knitting is my favourite craft, something I make time for every day, but for the past couple of weeks I have been too knackered in the evenings to even pick up my needles.
I am so glad that I managed to knit the sweaters and hats for my Christmas bears before the end of  last month, or they would never have been finished in time for the festive season. I was full of good intentions and was planning to knit some little Christmas tree ornaments, but all I managed was a crochet star which I put on top of my miniature Christmas tree.
I will be having a break from work over Christmas and New Year; DH and I are planning a couple of days out and trips to the cinema, but I am hoping to get some time for knitting, as well.

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  1. Your little bear sweaters are so cute. I hope you have a good Christmas!