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This blog is primarily about knitting,but as I do a bit of home sewing and the occasional crochet,I will be posting about these projects, as well. I am busygirl on Knitter's Review and my Ravelry username is purlyknitter.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A new beginning

I enjoyed my holiday in South Africa ; it was good to spend time with my elderly parents and siblings and of course, my eldest son. I missed my husband and younger son very much while I was away, so it feels really good to be back home with them again.

I had been working in a temporary capacity in the healthcare sector and a few weeks before I left  to go on holiday, I applied for a permanent position. My interview took place the day before I was due to leave and the manager said she would be in contact with me to let me know the outcome. I was hoping to get the job, but decided that I needed to put it out of my mind and just enjoy my holiday, so when I had a call a couple of weeks later and was offered the position, I was absolutely delighted!

My employment contract had been mailed to me while I was away, so the day after I arrived back home, I completed all the relevant forms and have since handed all the paperwork to the recruitment officer. I will be returning to work tomorrow and it feels really good to know that this time it will be in a permanent full time capacity.

FO: Happy Feet Socks

 I worked on this pair of socks while on holiday in South Africa and finished them a couple of days before I left to return home to New Zealand.
I have since cast on another pair of socks, as well as a washcloth, but have not spent very much time knitting. I arrived back in Auckland on Tuesday 1 July feeling quite jet lagged, with a suitcase full of dirty washing, so my first couple of days at home were spent doing laundry and catching up on some sleep.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My holiday

I am going on holiday very soon, so won't be posting here for while. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 and haven't been back for a visit since December 2005, so am really looking forward to this trip.
My parents and siblings are still living in Cape Town, as is my eldest son; I do miss them and am so happy to have this opportunity to spend some time with them. It is thanks to my son's generosity that I am able to go back,as he has very kindly paid for my air ticket.
I fly off on Saturday 31 May and will return to New Zealand on Tuesday 1 July, which gives me four weeks in Cape Town. I have already sorted out the clothes I need to pack and as I am going to be spending a good five or six hours in the airport in Perth before boarding my flight to South Africa, will be taking some knitting, as well. I recently bought some sock yarn and some bamboo DPN's, as I felt that they would be a safer option than steel needles. I have been assured by a number of other knitters on Ravelry that the airlines shouldn't have a problem with bamboo needles, but just to be on the safe side, I bought two sets and will be packing the second set in my checked-in luggage.
Saturday mornings are usually busy and yesterday was no exception. I went to the hairdressers to have a much needed trim and then spent another hour or so in the nail salon, having a pedicure and a French manicure and once that was done, had some shopping to do, as well.
I am having a relaxing day today, as it's back to work as usual tomorrow, but I do have the afternoon off on Friday, which will give me some time to take care of any last minute stuff.
My husband and younger son will take me to the airport and once I have checked in, we'll spend some time together before I need to go through to the departure lounge. I will miss them very much, but I know that I have no need to worry about how they will cope at home, as they are very capable of taking care of themselves.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

FO: Burgundy Pullover

I finished this pullover a few weeks ago and then took my time over knitting up the armholes and neck band, so have only just taken this photograph this morning. There wasn't anyone around at the time to photograph me modelling it, so I put it on a hanger with a shirt and scarf, to give an idea of what it will look like when I wear it. It is a good fit and I think it will look good with either a skirt or a pair of smart trousers, preferably black or grey.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Botanical Cowl

I have two Botanical Cowls, both of which were knitted in self-striping sock yarn, so this time I am using a solid colour. The yarn is Patons Big Baby 4 ply; it's acrylic, but is really soft, so is ideal for a cowl.

Little Women

I first read Little Women when I was about twelve years old; I loved it and went on to read the sequels, Little Men and Jo's Boys. I saw this lovely hardcover copy in my local bookshop and couldn't resist buying it for myself. I have just finished reading it and am sure that I will be re-reading it again, as it's one of my favourite stories.